The City of Romance Venice

Venice is famous as the city of romance & is one of the most visited cities in the world. The city with mesmerizing canals and architecture is famous among honeymoon couples and travel freaks.

The City of Romance Venice-the travel Swing
The City of Romance Venice-the travel Swing

The City Center of Venice

Although, Venice is a big city the main attraction of the city is San Marco, Cannaregio, Castello, and Giudecca. Italy is rich in culture and history and Venice has its heart. There are several hotels, cafes, and restaurants in these areas. 

Things to do in Venice The City of Romace

Here are some essential things you need to know before you go to the Venice.

Map of the Venice

Venice is situated in the center of Lagoon. It is connected to the mainland by the road and the rail track. The train station of Santa Lucia and parking lots are located in North West this is usually your gateway to Venice. The main waterway is called the Grand Canal.

Saint Mark’s Square

The City of Romance Venice-the travel Swing

Saint Mark’s square is the center of the city Venice home to Basilica San Marco. The Campanile bell tower and Dodge’s palace is located at southeast of Rialto bridge. It’s and beautiful architect ancient shipyard in Armony. It is also now one of the main Venetian Biennale.

The island of the Venetian lagoon has also some interesti18ng things like Murano which is famous for the Murano glass factory that is also much famous among the tourist in Venice.
Well, the area is also famous just like places like Burano Saint Michel symmetry and Torcello. These colorful houses belong to ancient people who used to live here and those are fishermen.

The City of Romance Venice-the travel Swing
The City of Romance Venice-the travel Swing

Venice city has the honor to have a film festival which is18 on the international platform in Lido.
There is a huge 1.3-mile walk from Santa Lucia train station to the Venice famous city center Saint Mark’s square.

Weather and Climate

This city has a Mediterranean climate and enjoys all four seasons around the year. The temperature is between 32 degrees Fahrenheit in winter and around 95 degrees Fahrenheit in summers. Due to its closeness to the sea, the temperature does not allow it to get much cold in winter. To enjoy the essence of Europe in winter Venice is the perfect destination. There are a carnival and film festival in winter. If you don’t want to visit these festivals make sure you plan accordingly because it would be expensive to travel in those days.

The City of Romance Venice-the travel Swing
The City of Romance Venice-the travel Swing

Entry Fee

From May 2019 when it has introduced an entry fee for daily visitors. Although the entry fee is fixed 3 Euros, however, it could be around 10 Euro also. If you are staying in Venice, you have bookings in the hotel then you will be excluded from the visiting fee because you will be paying in your hotel bookings.


Currency the currency used in Venice is Euro and it is also used in most European countries including Italy. There is a major acceptance of credit cards and debit cards all around Italy. Hotels cafes and restaurants accept all types of major credit cards. However, it is advised to keep some Euros in your wallet in case credit cards are not accepted.

General information

Venice is an extraordinary city but with its uniqueness come all sorts of things. Before going to any tourist destination the tourist must know every single detail about the country and the particular city.

It is highly advised for tourists not to carry heavy packages because you probably have to cross a few bridges before you arrive at your hotel. There are lockers at train stations and bus stations where you can keep your baggage before entering the city center because it’s crowded and there is a lack of transportation for your baggage.

Do not feed the pigeons. While pigeons are the symbol of Venice Saint Mark square. It is prohibited by the government to feed the pigeon’s full stop it is also illegal to eat on the canal. Swimming in the canal is also illegal by the tourism ministry. There is a beautiful beach where a tourist can swim and enjoy that is on the outer side of Lido.

The City of Romance Venice-the travel Swing
The City of Romance Venice-the travel Swing

Public Toilet

Public toilets are not free and they could charge you are around 1 to 1.5 Euros. However, if you visit cafes restaurants museums where you enter with a fee the toilets are free for the guests. The streets are difficult to identify as all seem to be identical but there are a lot of signs for the travelers. The good news for travelers is when drinking water is safe and there are various water fountains around the city.


Venice is a safe destination and one should not very much before visiting the city. However, there are some specific areas that should be avoided and not to be visited at night. Pickpockets are very common in all your peon cities and tourist areas. In case of any emergency just dial 112.

Where to Stay in Venice

Venice is all beautiful and staying anywhere around the city would have an interesting experience. However, there are some areas that will make your stay more exciting and fascinating.

The San Marco

The San Marco district which has Saint Mark square is most famous among the tourist for staying in Venice. In that way, you will be near to the most historic center of Venice.

The City of Romance Venice-the travel Swing
The City of Romance Venice-the travel Swing


Castelo where you will find many luxury hotels in nice bars and restaurants.
San Polo district located close to the Rialto bridge. It is the home to shops in Bach selling the famous ciccetti, Venetian version of Spanish tapas.

Dorsoduro if you want to stay in the area with fashion boutiques and close to the university. All the Venice is not too big as long as you are staying in the centre or historic center the major attractions are all nearby. The average price for the hotel in Venice is Dollar 115. Course there are lower class categories also for budget travelers. if you want the budgeted accommodation and you want to save on your hotels you can be staying on the mainland of Venice which is away from the grand canal-like Mestre.


From and to the airport Venice has two airports Marco Polo the main airport. the main airport is located in the Venetian lagoon. the other one is Treviso airport mostly used by low fare airlines such as Ryanair.

To get to Venice from Marco Polo you can choose between the following options whether airport buses on the local buses usually both depart every 30 minutes. there is another option of a water bus which will take you directly to Venice. The last and the most unrecommended is to take the train. But since Venice is no roads the bus will only drop you at Piazzale Roma. however, if you take a water taxi departing from the same location as the water bus. You can directly e arrive at your destination in Venice which is very convenient. This photo bus is quite expensive anywhere between 100 and 150 euros. there is no way you can rent a car in Venice because you could not drive.

The City of Romance Venice-the travel Swing
The City of Romance Venice-the travel Swing

Gondola rides are very famous in Venice and should not be missed by any tourist a 40-minute ride cost anywhere from 80 Euro during the day and over 100 euro during the night.

Crowded Venice

With limited space and narrow streets, Venice can get very crowded especially during the summer. 20 should be prepared to wait in lines in restaurants and other major attractions.

City Tours

Walking towards are famous in Venice and organized by professional tour guides. These tour guides are the best source of knowledge about the city’s rich history and legends. There are some 12 guides that provide free walking tours in Venice.
International Travelers.

The City of Romance Venice-the travel Swing
The City of Romance Venice-the travel Swing

If you are coming anywhere from outside Europe or the UK you might need a special European power adaptor. For frequent travelers, it is advised to buy a multi adaptor that could be used in any country. You can also purchase a SIM card in Venice for phone internet with one of the carriers like TIM and Vodafone. To buy a sim passport is required. Travelers from us have the opportunity to use Google FI.

Food and Drinks

There are some worlds famous restaurants in Venice. it is recommended to find good restaurants through trip advisor with good reviews in your nearby hotel.

Try to avoid sitting down in the restaurants next to major attractions as they charge you more. for example a Cappuccino just around the corner from the Saint mark’s square cost you around 1.5 Euro. Giving tips in Venice is not mandatory. However most places will charge you a cover charge for sitting down. However they can charge you 10% of the bill as service charges. Use Google map or similar application to look at the grocery store near you to buy drinks and snacks. You can even buy fresh fruits from local market.

City Pass- The city of romance Venice

Venice offers a city pass called Venezia unica. where you can save money if you are planning to visit several museums and other major attraction. It could have also help you to skip the lines at some locations. Every single detail is given on the phone.

The City of Romance Venice-the travel Swing
The City of Romance Venice-the travel Swing

Famous Events

There are many famous events in Venice. Every year the Venetian carnival takes place. The Biennale is a prominent international art exhibition organized once every two years. The Venice international film festival is one of the most recognized film festivals in the world. Many celebrities around. The world visit this festival every year.

Best views of the city

Campanile di San Marco located on Saint mark’s square. With the highest observation deck in Venice the ticket cost you around 8 euros. San Giorgio a small Island located opposite Saint mark’s square. Skyline rooftop bar with great panoramic city views.

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