Traveling with Toddler and Infant

Traveling with toddler and infant, In this article, I will share my personal experience of travel with a toddler and infant. Travel with toddler and infant is a complete story of a couple who are travel freak. Since my boy was 1.5 years old I started traveling with him. However, it was a tough decision to take him on vacation but we took it as a challenge. Children that are newborn till the age of two are infants. After that toddlers till they go to school at the age of 5.

Traveling with Toddler and Infant 1.5 years Travel to Malaysia

As it was our first experience with a 1.5 toddler we were quite confused and excited as well. But trust me he enjoyed so well that we never regret our decision. We just need to carry a pram. And some essential medicines along with ready baby food. For children, we recommend visiting Sunway Lagoon and Genting highland.

2.5 years Travel to Singapore

Traveling to Singapore was much easier because our child was 2.5, however, finding food for him was quite a difficult task but we enjoyed it. The most amazing thing in Singapore was our Rasa Sentosa Resort which had so much for kids. He also enjoyed Universal Studios which is a must-go place with kids.

3 Years Travel to Turkey

However, it was cold but we managed to pack some warm clothes and herbal tea medicines for our child. Due to the good protection of children, we did not face any hassle. Our kid enjoyed Via Land Istanbul. That is now called Isfunbul.

Traveling with toddler and infant 3.5 Years Travel to Saudi Arabia

It was our religious trip, however, there was nothing to do for a child. However, he enjoyed praying with us. It was a religious tour and we want him to understand the importance of two holy cities. We spent 8 nights in the country. Shalal is a place in Jeddah for kids’ fun and entertainment.

Traveling with toddler and infant 4 Years Road Trip to Northern Pakistan

Pakistan is indeed a beautiful country. However, a road trip with a child is questionable. However, keeping a complete backpack full of children’s stuff can lead to a successful trip.

Traveling with toddler and infant 4.5 Years to Azerbaijan

It was a mini-vacation with our extended family. It was a memorable trip, however, a bit cold and chili. It is an amazing country and most of our fellow Pakistani travelers traveling to Baku Azerbaijan for a taste of Europe.

5 Years to Europe

Europe is the dream of many couples. However, even this beautiful trip was done by our grownup child. It was the most wonderful trip of my life. We enjoyed to our fullest. Italy, Switzerland, and France countries we covered.

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