Mount Titlis in Swiss Alps

Mount Titlis situated in the Swiss Alps Engelberg.  The article is a complete guide about the most famous tourist destination of Switzerland Mount Titlis. The destination is in central Europe. It is situated between the canton of Obwalden and Bern. Tourists now prefer Titlis as an inexpensive and convenient option than Jungfraujoch. The Mount Titlis has several lakes and high peaks of the swiss alps. It is also known for the ski resort.

How to reach Mount Titlis

There is only one way to reach Mount Titlis and that is through gondola cable car from Engelberg. The town itself is the most beautiful town in the country. Although the foot of Mount Titlis could be reached in 10 minutes from Engelberg train station. However for adventure and the world’s most beautiful scenery, one should walk to Mount Titlis from Engelberg train station. Well, we advise tourists to buy tickets online and just collect them from the kiosk. If tourists are fortunate enough then will witness snowfall in summers even.

Weather Mount Titlis Swiss Alps

The weather is always chill and windy. In winter it is below freezing and harsh. The Alps and Mountains are always covered in the snow. However, it is much lush and green in summer on lower levels. We, advise travelers, to keep warm clothes as its always chilly on high elevations.

First Stop Mount Titlis Swiss Alps

First Stop through Cable Car There is an eight-seater cable car that takes you to the next step of Mount Titlis. After the next stop at around 8000 feet, high one has to change the cable car to the bigger one. Overall it takes around 3 to 4 hours to enjoy complete activities on Mount Titlis. First Stage At the first stage of the cable car there is a most beautiful lake and some jumping adventures and boating. This place has a walking path that takes you to the lake and you can witness wonderful cows bells all around the lush green meadows if visiting in summer. Once the ticket is paid at the entrance all other activities are complimentary.

Highest Peak of Mount TitlisAt around 11000 feel high the tourist can use the elevator to enjoy the open terrace. It provides a panoramic view of the Swiss Alps. That Rotair Gondola has a capacity of around 80 persons. The transparent view is wonderful when riding in a gondola due to its transparent walls. At the highest, it is around 11000 feet above sea level. The sceneries are beautiful when riding a cable car. It is world’s only revolving gondola providing 360-degree views. It’s a 5 minutes trip. There is only two Rotair Gondola ride one each way.

Glacier Cave Walk Mount Titlis Swiss Alps

It is one of the most adventurous entertainment on the highest peak of Mount Titlis. The Cave is made through a wonderful glacier. The glacier cave is a small tunnel dig inside the glacier and it is 150m long. It’s around five minutes’ walk across the tunnel. The weather in the cave is constant at -1.5°c. You even feel the icy crystal particles.

Glacier Walk

 Ice Flyer Mount Titlis Swiss Alps

To visit Ice Flyer there is an open cable car near the suspension bridge. This activity takes you to a new level of adventure. It is the best experience itself because the open cable car provides you to enjoy the Swiss Alps without any barrier. This also gives you an opportunity to play and glacier and enjoy the snow. It is open in summer and the open-air gondola takes you to the snow park.


It is a guided activity and the most amazing experience. People from around the world come here to enjoy ski. In summers it is usually crowded and tourists need to stand in lines. At ski people usually visit in both summers and winters. It has a wide variety of different ways from beginner to advanced that are taught by the guides. It also gives a mesmerizing view in winter with the frozen lake. There is a ski resort in the heart of Engelberg. This ski lodge is not a luxurious hotel but a Swedish boutique classy hotel. People usually stay there to have fun for ski.

To reach the resort you have to take a Titlis Express Cable Car. It takes you to the Trubsee area. Well, it does not have a single ski area there are three to four different areas where tourists could reach in different ways. These areas are divided into beginners to advance levels. The most recommended area for ski os the Jochpass area that has service restaurants and better for children as well as adults.

Cliff Walk

A cliff walk is made as a suspension bridge. It’s a wonderful and scary experience with 250-foot steps. This bridge is the highest suspension bridge in Europe. This suspension bridge provides breathtaking views. 
RestaurantsThere are many restaurants for a quick bite. Switzerland is famous for its chocolate and we recommend to have a hot chocolate in chilly weather. Before visiting Mount Titlis we recommend you visit the official website to know the complete details regarding weather, ticket, and other information. It will also provide you information if Mount Titlis is open or not. Because in harsh weather the place is closed for the safety of tourists. We guide you to enjoy Mount Titlis with your loved ones and enjoy the world’s most scenic beauty of the Swiss Alps. Mount Titlis also has a panorama restaurant where tourists can enjoy the 360-degree view of the mesmerising of the Swiss Alps. One should plan a wonderful lunch when visiting.

Cliff Walk


Souvenirs are also available for memories and there are lots of shops to purchase other things. Last but not least this tourist place is old and recognized by many travel bloggers and tourists. Being an old tourist destination the way it has been maintained is incredible. Switzerland has always been the world’s top tourist destination because of its cleanliness and tremendous infrastructure. You are free to ask any questions regarding Mount Titlis. Contact us for further details. Mount Titlis is indeed a paradise and the worlds best adventure destination.

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