The Travel Swing Privacy Policy

Privacy policy is the essential segment of our website. Privacy of our visitors and client is significant for us, and we ensure to keep the data safe and secure. It is important for any visitor to know the points discuss in our segment. These privacy policies are applicable on mobile, desktop or any digital device visitors. Visitors using our website are liable of accepting our privacy policy. It’s an agreement between The Travel Swing and the visitors.

Use of Web Content

Our content and blog services are mainly for information and entertainment purpose. These content are only for personal use. Using the content and services and all applied to terms and conditions which are applicable according to rule and law.

Our content and blog services are free and does not require any form of registration. However, for latest news and updates visitors may apply for free subscriptions. The subscription is solely for personal use and will not be share with third party. The main purpose of the subscription is to start in touch with the visitors. This service will not require anything like password of your email or any other account.

Data and Information collection by The Travel Swing

Our website collect directly submitted data like name, email, and other information submitted by the visitor themselves. Our website identifies the visitors IP, mobile device, country and time zone.


Our website ask visitors to subscribe to our website, so they may be alert through email when new article, post or news updates on The Travel Swing. This subscription only required name and email id.


Our website identifies geographic location of the visitor to create reports. This is completely safe and secure and does not harm any visitor directly or indirectly. Financial Transactions and Data Our website doesn’t ask for any financial codes, pin or bank accounts. The Travel Swing has nothing to sell and does not require any credit/debit card details.

Career Data

Our website may announce career opportunities for visitors and for that they need to provide their complete information. However, the visitor has authority to leave any required information and keep it blank.

Aggregated Data

Our website collects complete information of the visitor for making reports. Time of visit, location, interest, bounce back, and other statistical data. These data are shared with third party websites to generate complete reports for analysis. These data allow us to create market segments and interest of our visitors.

Method of Data Collection

There are two types through which our website collects data of visitor directly and indirectly. Our visitors may send their data through subscription or while filling any career opportunities form. The other way is indirect collection which means location, time spent on web-page, interest on particular segment and frequency of visits. This information was collected indirectly and does not require permission from our visitors. When visiting our website it is agreed that visitor allows us to fetch data.

Disclosure of Visitor’s Data

Our website is connected to third parties, and we may share indirect information to these parties for marketing purpose. Third parties who access data of our visitor is solely for marketing and research purpose. Data which are directly given on website through reviews, comments, and subscriptions are completely open and could be access by any third party. If our website is sold or merged with third party your personal data will also be shared. This sharing of data does not require visitors consent. We are not indulged in any unlawful activity and data is in secure hands.

Data Security of the Visitor

We have safeguard for the data of our visitors. Our website is fully secure and does not share the data without a need. The information is just shared to third party for analytical purpose. Employees, contractors, scammers, and other agents have no access to your personal information. A complete security and safeguard efforts are applied on website to secure data however, we may not guarantee complete security. Our experts keep monitoring data and security and prevent scammers.


Cookies are major aspect of any website. Cookies collect information about visitor’s IP and their browser details. The information is not fetched to take individual information. This is just required to provide better experience on our webpage. Cookies is a technology to observe the behavior and use of the visitor on a website to provide similar interest on internet. Cookies are important for a website and there are various reasons to apply cookies to a webpage. It builds a profile of a visitor, and mark interested segments to help user in the future. It also speeds up the speed of a website. However, it is completely upon a visitor to change the cookies setting on a web browser. On default base it uses information and help user in future surfing.

Adult 18+ Privacy Policy

We ensure that are data is morally and ethically correct. The information on website is good for every age group and doesn’t require any restrictions for underage visitors. We accept adult policy on strict basis and keep checking our content not to conflict with this policy.