The Second Wave of Covid-19 &Traveling

The Second Wave of Covid-19 &Traveling, Since December 2019 the world faced a complete change. Either it’s a workplace, school, hospitals, or travel. Everything is terrorized by Covid 19. After September 2020, the world sees some relaxation in lockdown, and the world started to travel. The second wave of Covid triggered and traveling freeze.

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What is the Second Wave of Covid-19

Since December 2019, the world sees an out spark in coronavirus cases and since then millions of people get affected one after another. Many countries faced a high death rate which is about to cross million. Let’s not talk about the numbers as it’s more frustrating. However, with the effective measures worldwide by closing markets, schools, parks, other activities the world saw a significant decline in the number of cases. After September 2020, almost everything was getting normal worldwide including travel. However, as of now in November the cases across the world are increasing significantly and restrictions across the globe are also seen. Recently, the world reminds me of the first case detected on the same day last year in China. So, technically it’s been over a year since this disease detected in Wuhan China which was soon the epicenter of the coronavirus.

Travel After First Wave of Covid-19

Yes, most countries welcome tourists for traveling. People also started to travel to businesses and even for leisure purposes. Countries that run their economy mainly from tourism were waiting for some possibilities to open up and they did. However, after The Second Wave of Covid-19 & Traveling, they again ban travelers.

Istiklal Street After 2nd Lockdown

Some of the countries that receive tourists include Maldives, Turkey, Egypt, and the Bahamas. Even some South American countries open up. With some restrictions, UAE also issued tourist visas. As people with short memory started traveling soon without a fear. The lives of travelers seem to be usual but this doesn’t mean that the pandemic was over.

Second Wave of Covid-19 hits Travel

Everything was about to get normal however, nature doesn’t want everything to be fine. The second wave across the globe started travel restriction again. News across the world are coming that lockdowns, curfews, and travel restrictions are soon expected. If that is the case the world’s traveling will soon vanish again.

If we look into the actual traveling the US and Europe did not resume its tourism. Being a host to millions of tourists Europe always surges in the number of tourists. On the other hand, Far Eastern Countries like Thailand, Malaysia, and Singapore kept their ban intact and did not welcome any tourists.

The loss of tourism because of Covid-19

The world already witnessed huge losses in the tourism sector. Some countries were the whole sole dependent on tourism but they have no other option to keep the ban. However, Turkey welcomed many tourists. If compare last year European Tourism it faces a significant decline of 68% in their main economic sector.

Travelers were enthusiastic and wanted to travel again. However, the latest restrictions and bans have no chance of recovery. Looking into southern European countries,  like Cyprus and Montenegro, they faced a huge decline of 85% and 86% decline in foreign tourists. The spike of the second wave creating havoc in the tourism industry all over the world. Especially, Spain has become the most dangerous country for coronavirus.

When will travel resume to normal

As per ever suspended travel, it doesn’t seem to reopen anytime soon. However, companies like Pfizer gave some good news recently. The vaccine has worked to be really effective on humans. However, distribution and selling would take too long. The tourism industry has just one resort to wait till these vaccines are available easily in the market around the world.

Although, the airline industry has worked much effectively on following SOPs to make the journey safe. However, it becomes much difficult for them to fly on a lower capacity for economic reasons.

Honestly, no one can tell when everything will be normal. The tourism industry is one of the worst affected sectors by covid-19 that has not recovered. The travelers are looking towards pharmaceutical companies to launch vaccines so they could get vaccinated and travel to their destinations. Contact Us for more details

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