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Our website The Travel Swing has some Terms & Conditions for the visitors. It is essential for the visitors to agree them or may discontinue visiting website. We request our visitors to read complete Terms & Conditions before surfing our website. When visitor continue visiting our website it is acknowledged that all the terms & conditions are legally accepted by the visitor. If you have any discrepancy or issue regarding our terms and condition we advise you to stop visiting our page right away. If visitor skip terms and condition of our website and still surfing, it means all terms and conditions are accepted.

General Terms

The Travel Swing is sole owner of this website. There is no claim upon any published article, post or content by anyone. All the pictures used on the website is owned by The Travel Swing. Agreeing upon terms & condition means you have no right over any of the published article or image. These Terms and Conditions are equally applied on our Privacy Policy by accepting it is acknowledged. Visitors will follow all instructions on Terms and Condition while visiting our website. Since starting of visiting all privacy policy and terms are imposed on visitors legally. There are frequent changes on our website and The Travel Swing is liable to change any image, article or publication without any prior notice.

Intellectual Property Rights

It is important to know what are intellectual property rights for a visitor. Visitor is allowed to read and see all the content on The Travel Swing. However, coping images, content, article without giving credit to a website will not be allowed and visitor could face legal notices. All the content including publication and images are belonged to the website and available for references. It is not allowed to use anything without permission or giving credit. Our website is published for individual purpose and prohibits the use of our content for commercialization. Republishing any content i.e. image, post, article or news is not allowed without organizations permission. The information is just for knowledge and could only be used by giving credits to The Travel Swing.

Visitor’s Submission

Visitor’s comments, reviews, suggestions or any other postings could be used for the benefits of our website and hence not required permission from visitor. We prohibit underage and minors to post comments to our website. Any content, image, essay, news, article or any sort of data submitted to our website is legally property of The Travel Swing and authorized to published it.

Visitors Limitations

Our website restricts visitors to copy our data without providing credits to us. The Travel Ask is sole owner of the publication. The data could only be published by proper credit given to The Travel Ask. Privacy Policy keep our visitors secure and it is our utmost duty to keep them safe. Our team respect privacy and make our website secure place for visitors. We do not expose data of our visitors and keep them away from scams. Our team secure marketing and commercial use of data of our visitor. For detailed Privacy Policy please click here.

Authentic Published Content

Our website provide content with high accuracy although, the chance of mistake and misrepresentation is still there. We do not take guarantee for any article. The content is written to one’s utmost trust and believe. We do not encourage our visitors to make decision on the basis of article written by us however our writers write with first-hand information and extensive research. The dynamics keep changing and takes turn now and then. We are not responsible if things and details change after publication of our articles. This website has information and knowledge but it could also mislead. We advise our visitors to confirm the authenticity of the news published on our website as The Travel Swing is not responsible for any discrepancy. The company takes no responsibility of action taken by of any mean by any visitor after reading any news.

Content Update

Our website keeps itself update and change hence we are not liable to inform any person or organization before deleting or editing information. The Travel Swing is fully authorized to delete any content from website after publication. We will not be responsible for any loss of data or shall give any due explanation hereby.