Seychelles Hidden Treasure in Indian Ocean

Seychelles Hidden Treasure in the Indian Ocean lies far away from other lands. This African Country is surrounded by Madagascar, Mauritius, and Comoros. It comes with a lush green forest with turquoise blue water with dazzling white sand. The sky turns golden when the sunsets.

Discovering unseen Seychelles Hidden Treasure in Indian Ocean

The country consists of 155 islands.  Nature created them millions of years ago when India and Madagascar tore from each other as a supercontinent. Most of the islands are not inhabited and reserved as a natural resource. Some of them are home to endemic species like giant tortoises. There are hundreds of tropical birds species across these islands. As there are no humans on most of the island it results in centuries-old species to live without danger.

Mahe Island Seychelles

The largest Island in Seychelles is Mahe with a population of around 70,000. It was a land to pirates in the 18th century and has some tales of hidden treasures on this Island.

Mahe Island in Seychelles is no less than a heaven on earth. It’s a wonderful paradise surrounded by white sand beaches, lush forests, and dramatic mountains. This island is a dream destination for most tourists. These jungles and castaway islands are adventure and unique experiences.

Mahe is the most developed island in the country. It is the initial stop for tourists because of its international airport. Almost all international flights have arrived at Mahe Island. The picturesque coastline with large granite boulders is magnificent for tourists. Even its the largest island the total area is 26 KM or 16 miles long. We advise that it is easy to explore the complete island in two days.

The island is blessed with a lush mountain interior, in this lush interior of Mahe lies Morne National Park. The highest peak is 900 meters above sea level. It is often covered with clouds. There are tracks for hiking to witness beautiful nature surrounded across the island. You can see the dense forests, rugged mountains, and coastal mangroves. Tourists can have a simple drive through these forests. The sunset on the islands is famous and peaceful. 90% of the Seychelles residents live in Mahe.  However, it is not crowded at all and tourists can enjoy a peaceful vacation.

Beaches in Mahe Island Seychelles Hidden Treasure in Indian Ocean

Mahe Island has various beautiful spots and has around 70 beautiful beaches. Some beaches are crowded, some are easily accessible, some are hidden and some are large deserted. There are some magnificent bays that could be only accessible by motor boats.


The north of the island is more developed and has the country’s capital Victoria. This is the only area with urban city settings. This is also an economic hub of the country where most of the businesses and offices are located. Including banks, shops, and travel agencies.

Victoria is also the smallest capitals in the world and has only a few streets. The whole capital has just one traffic signal and there is nothing much to see here. Just a temple, museum, and a clock tower. The clock tower is 115 years old made in the memory of Queen Victoria. Creole, English, and French are the main languages spoken on the island. Seychelles has a unique Creole culture blends with high influence as the island is occupied by Arabs sailors, British colonials, French settlers, Tamil, Chinese traders, and African Slaves all bring customs and traditions to the Island. The whole city can be explored on foot.

Eden Island Seychelles

Tourists can have a day tour in private car for Euro 150. There is a wonderful botanical garden which is a must-visit. World’s largest tortoise are in Seychelles. These species can weight around 304 kilograms. The island is on 40 hectares of which 16 hectares is a private waterway.

Praslin Island Seychelles

It is the second-largest island in Seychelles. Praslin island is equally beautiful as Mahe and even more enhanced. It has stylish logging and wonderful beaches. Anse Lazio beach is famous and is one of the attractive beaches in Seychelles. Each extreme is covered with granite boulders. One must avail snorkeling tour for some undiscovered marine life.

Vallée de Mai

The place is named for a National Park in Seychelles and is honored to have Coco de Mer palm. There are only two places in the world and Vallee de Mai is one of them. Giant Tortoise Farm is also available on the island and has some of the world’s rare tortoise species which are valuable in the world of wildlife.

Tips before visiting Seychelles

The country is famous among tourists. Being the luxurious travel destination it is also expensive.

For most of the nations in the world, the visa is on arrival in Seychelles. All you need is hotel bookings and other travel documents to get on arrival visa. If coming from any African Country yellow fever vaccine is mandatory.

Taxi and other means of transportation are very expensive. From Mahe Island to Victoria they could charge around $40 to $50 for 70KM. We would advise you to rent a car from the airport and self-drive. It is around €40 per day in which tourists can enjoy the whole day driving. Local busses travel in Mahe and take 10 Seychelles Rupees.

Accommodation is pretty expensive. However, there are self-catering villas they are very well and could save a lot of money. These villas are situated on beaches and the rent is around $100 to $200. Self-catering villas are important things to keep in mind before traveling to Seychelles.

Halal and Vegetarian Food

Food is a problem for vegetarians, however, fish and halal seafood is widely available for Muslims. There are various supermarkets around Victoria and Mahe island. Tourists can buy stuff from these markets to make meals for them in their self-catering villas. Water is expensive in resort to buy a give liter can of water for the whole 2 3 days of stay. The supermarket closes at 7.30 pm to 8.00 pm.

Tourists can buy a local sim for the internet. It costs you 100 Seychelles Rupees. There are only two options for telecommunication providers.

Apart from local currency Euros and Dollars are widely accepted in the whole country. Sometimes vendors even prefer to get dollars and euros in exchange for goods and services. Exchanges are all over the island however, supermarkets, buses, taxis, and resorts accept dollars and Euro.

Jetty service common on the island. This service is used to go to Praslin a wonderful place in Seychelles. It costs you around 65 Dollars it starts early in the morning till evening. Tourists must check timings before leaving and arriving back.

Being such a wonderful tourist destination it lacks in nightlife. If you are a night lover and want to party this place is not for you. There are not disco or pubs operating due to some local problems.


Over and all its an all-new experience visiting Seychelles. No other islands in the world can give these Granite boulders, lush green forests, amazing wildlife, and huge peaks with white sand beaches together. Contact us for further details.

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