Seoul South Korea

Seoul South Korea is the country’s capital and largest city. It is among the best metropolitan cities in the world. In Seoul, South Korea tourists can find cars, skyscraper, and modern architecture along with Buddhists, temples, markets, and palaces.

The population of Seoul South Korea

The population of the city of Seoul is around 10 million. It becomes the fifth largest metropolitan city in the world. South Korea as a country is densely populated with 493 people per sq km. This makes the country ahead of Japan in population per sq km. Traveling in a car becomes quite difficult for tourists as the traffic is overcrowded.

The climate of Seoul

The climate of Seoul is continental boarders with subtropical continental. The summer is hot and humid. Winters and cold with high influence of Serbian climate. The climate of the city are in extreme in winter it could be -20 centigrade and summer can experience +40 centigrade.

Best Place to stay in Seoul Myeongdong

We advise all our tourists to stay in the area of Myeongdong. After arriving at Incheon Airport there are multiple options to reach Myeongdong. Train, bus, and Taxis are the most convenient way to reach the destination. Myeongdong is the most central part of the city. It is vibrantly filled with various hotel and dining options. It is easy to discover the unseen Seoul from this location.

Tips and Tricks about Myeongdong Seoul

Early check-in is not allowed in Seoul However luggage storage is available at Seoul train station. The place is full of shopping and fun. The place is also good for photoshoots. Tourist should not ignore the most happening night market in Myeongdong, it has some of the most delicious street food.

The market opens at 4 in the evening. This is the only area that has street food and several dining options. Don’t forget to buy the world’s famous skin care product in South Korea. There are multiple cosmetic shops and shopping markets in this area. The tap water of Seoul is safe to drink and tourists can save their money.

Attractions in Seoul South Korea

Seoul has a lot to offer than tourist expects. There are various options to visit in the city. We advise to make an itinerary according to the personal interest.

Hangang River Cruise

The cruise is a wonderful experience to witness the beauty of Seoul from the west to the east. The beauty of the sunset on the Han River is one of its own kind of experience. Tourists can enjoy the skylines of Seoul at night and enjoy a romantic dinner. However, it depends on the individual to decide whether to have lunch or dinner on cruise. These cruises also offer different themes according to the need of tourists like live performances or fireworks. Book Now 

Itaewon Seoul South Korea

Tourists that are eagerly waiting for night life to enjoy this area is for them. Itaewon has famous cafes, bars and night clubs. It is famous for residing foreign communities. This area in Seoul is good for foreigners and one wont be feeling in South Korea. The hustling bustling streets with foreigners and international food chains take this place to next level. There is a mosque, museum, momentum, art, stylish infinity pools and other attractions in area that tourists can discover while visiting Itaewon.

Gyeongbokgung Palace

When first time I saw this palace it seems to be a set of a movie. Its wonderful designed and architecture. This palace of 1395 was built by Joseon Dynasty. This state of art palace is one of the most visited places in Seoul. We advise people to must visit this wonderful place.

Bukchon Hanok Village

The Bukchon Hanok Village is a must-visit place when visiting Seoul. The village has narrow streets with traditional Korean architecture homes. Some homes made of hundreds of years old pine wood are amazing and worth visiting. Seoul is a non-stop ride of fun and people are welcoming and exciting. The houses reflect the Korean culture and tradition. There are homes of some high ranking officials of South Korea. Tourists will surely feel that they are hundreds of years back in time. It is amazingly preserved and maintained. It becomes hard to believe that such a peaceful place is located in crowded and hustling bustling Seoul. We advise our travelers to stay quite because it is also a private residential area and we do not want tourists to disturb them. There are small shops and restaurants that are selling traditional Korean food.

Korean Beauty Products

As we wall know Korean beauty products are famous is the world and people all around the world use these products to look fresh and beautiful. It even becomes more interesting when buying the local products of the country having all the range in front. There are hundreds of skin lighting products that are exported to many countries. I would suggest to use sample then buy. The skin food, moisturizers, cosmetics and hair care products have no comparison with any other country.

Gangnam District of Seoul

Well, who doesn’t know the famous song Gangnam Style? The song portrayed the living fashion and vibrant culture of people living there. It’s a wonderful area near the river. Tourists can find high-class fashion shopping along with the excitement of nightclubs. The area is several restaurants with different cuisines.

Korean Spa

How could one neglect the famous Korean Spa? People usually visit from nearby countries and add them to their bucket list. These spas are not usual and there is no such relaxing place in the whole city. The Jjimjilbang also is known as the bathhouse is separated for males and females. These experiences could not be felt anywhere else in the world.

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