Reasons Why The USA Rejects Tourist Visa?

There are multiple Reasons Why the USA Rejects Tourist Visa? We came across many travelers who faced rejection by US Consulates. There are sometimes multiple rejections. Travelers always do some common mistakes due to which they face visa rejection. After 9/11 and even before that getting a USA visa was not an easy task. It is thought to be the biggest achievement for any tourist to get 5 years of multiple visas from the US. In this detailed article, we will discuss some common Reasons Why The USA Rejects Tourist Visa. However, the focus will be on tourist visa B1/ B2 but these mistakes could also be avoided for any other visa category. These mistakes are made during filling the form and interview. At both points, the applicant must be very careful and wise and find the There are multiple Reasons Why the USA Rejects Tourist Visa? We came across many travelers who faced rejection by US Consulates.

Inconsistent Information (Why The USA Rejects Tourist Visa)

We highly recommend our clients to say what is truth. It means that you won’t be getting confused when the visa officer will ask questions from your application. The information that is entered in the visa application should be in your mind when answering questions to the visa officer. The document that is provided to the visa officer must portray what you say while answering the questions at the time of the interview.

Reason to Travel

The reason to travel must be valid. The applicant should select the proper category. There are several categories for an instant student visa, spouse visa, job visa, we advise travelers to apply for tourist and medical visa that is B1/B2. If a tourist wants to travel for vacation he/she must clearly mention. If the traveler wants to meet family and friends that also be mentioned in the application with complete address and contact information.

Time of traveling

For instance, the applicant wants to enjoy a vacation with the family the time of travel must be winter vacation or summer vacation. The visa officer would not be satisfied if traveling with kids during school days.

How long to stay

This is again very important if you are a businessman and you intended to stay for a long time so who’s going to take care of business. If the applicant traveling with school-going children and the date of intended stay is more than the time of vacation even then there are chances of rejection

Destinations selected to visit

If the applicant mention to meet friend or family in a particular city and the itinerary does not mention that city its also misinterpretation. Destinations and cities must be selected wisely. The destination selected must be having a point of interest and you must have knowledge of those particular cities.

Arguments with Visa Officer (Why The USA Rejects Tourist Visa)

There are two types of applicants. Confused and shy. It means that the applicant is not confident enough to answer properly and satisfy the visa officer. On other hand, there are some overconfident applicants who argue with visa officers. They sometimes misbehave and arrogantly answer the questions which impact negatively on visa officer and the cases are rejected. We advise all our clients to never argue with the consulate officer. Just ask politely to the officer if you have any questions in mind however, we discourage asking anything to the officer.

Poor communication

It is one of the most common reasons why the US consulate rejects tourist visas. If the applicant could not satisfy the consulate officer it will impact negatively. We advise that if the applicant is not good in the English language they should ask for a translator in the local language so, the visa officer could understand clearly.

Friendliness and too much talk

Having a casual and friendly attitude is just not recommended with a consular officer. The visa interview is a professional interview and it should be taken seriously. Behave in a good manner and don’t act cool. Being brief and to the point is the key to success. Only answer and speak when you are asked to.

Weak Travel History (Why The USA Rejects Tourist Visa)

Travel history is the most significant aspect is getting a US visa, however, there are several strong cases in which applicants get visas without travel history. So let’s discuss it in detail. If the applicant has shown an interest in tourism and excursion, he/she must have been to some countries before. Because the visa officer will surely ask why the US being the first destination when there are several other countries available.

For Pakistani applicants we recommend our travelers to have some stamps from other countries. For Instance Dubai, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Turkey, or any other country before applying for the US. However, if an applicant intends to visit a friend or family then there are chances to get a visa prior to traveling history. But for that, the applicant’s financial status must be very strong and he must be able to bear all the expenses of traveling.

Financial Status (Why The USA Rejects Tourist Visa)

It is the most important document that will show your ties to your home country. If you are applying for a US visa and mentioned that you will be staying in a four-star hotel, however, your financial statement shows you have not sufficient balance to travel domestic so in that case, your application will be rejected. There must be enough amount to cover the whole expenses of your travel. Fake DocumentsNever lie or submit any fake documents to a consulate or an embassy. US consulate is authorized to recheck all the documents from the authorities. If they found any document fake the applicant will be blacklisted and will never get a chance to get a visa.

There are some other factors also due to which applicant may face visa rejection. However, our experts can consult free for The USA visa please feel free to contact The Travel Swing. To apply USA visa online visit here

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