Kas Island in Turkey

The Travel Swing has brought its readers some unique information about Turkey’s city. However, it’s not Istanbul this time; it’s a beautiful city Kas in Antalya province. Kas Island in Turkey is a heavenly island. It is situated on the Mediterranean coast. The article has comprehensive information about the city from what to see, how to get into the city and, where to live.

Recently the current pandemic has restricted me to travel to new and unique places, however for now I had only an option to visit Turkey. This time I thought to give a visit to this country again listing some of its beautiful cities including Kas Island in Turkey. Hopefully, you guys will enjoy reading out about the most mesmerizing Kas Island in Turkey.

How to go to Kas Island in Turkey

The most simple and easy way to reach Kas is by air to the nearest airport either at Antalya Airport or Dalaman Airport. However, we choose to have Dalaman Airport. Most of the tourists land from their origin country in Istanbul that is a tourist and business hub. From Istanbul tourists can easily book an airline ticket to Dalaman Airport.

After reaching the Dalaman Airport there are multiple options to reach Kas. Either take a bus, hire a private car, or rent a car and drive yourself. The bus usually takes 2.5 to 3 hours to reach Kas. In our case, we take rent a car for TL 185 per day. Our Renault was a wonderful car all we need to show them an International driving license.
However, we did not directly go to Kas our stopover was in Fethiye. We decided to go to Kas island in Turkey the next morning and then stay there for a night.

Weather and Climate of Kas

Kas has a Mediterranean climate with hot, humid long summers along with mild and short winter. The summers on the island could be as harsh as 40 degrees Celcius in the month of July & August. However, due to the coastal areas, the sea breeze is a relief at night. The heat is surely beat by the cool breeze. Although the short wet season might lie between January and February.

The population of Kas island in Turkey

The population of Kas is not dense with around 7000 inhabitants living in this town. There are around 48 villages in the whole district with 58 thousand permanent settlements.

Stay in Kas Island in Turkey

There are multiple options to stay in Kas and as we all know because of being a less touristy place it is not as expensive as Fethiye. There are options for like 27-35 Euros.

Kas Center

Kas center is a wonderful place full of eateries, local Turkish cuisine, and shopping. It is a picturesque town with colorful streets and historical architecture. Get lost in anyplace and enjoy its ultimate beauty. It’s easy to find any restaurant to satisfy hunger.

Kas Harbor

As Kas situated on the Mediterranean coast it has a harbor which has another geographical benefit to this city. However, the city is surrounded by wonderful mountains. These harbors are also used to travel to the nearest Islands.

Antiphellos Theater

To witness a heavenly sunset in Kas town you would never regret visiting Antipellos Theater. The not only visitor may spend some time witnessing in construction from the Hellenistic era. However, visitors will also enjoy a beautiful sunset. You will find many tourists at the time of sunset on this wonderful Mediterranean coast.

Visitors hang out here have some drinks and spend some quality time with their loved ones. This Island is also neighboring some of the most beautiful Islands of Greece. It’s possible to visit some of the nearest Islands of Greece from Kas Harbor. It is the reason why this Mediterranean coast Island Kas has importance to the neighbor with the European Country.

Kaputas Beach Kas Island in Turkey

To reach Kaputas Beach in Kas Island is easy from the Kas Center. Visitors can take a minibus from the bus station. It would cost around 7.5 TL and 25 minutes to the beach. However, as I said we already had our car. This beautiful Kaputas beach is located between Kalkan and Kas.

It is just a pretty beautiful picturesque background with a romantic beach. Turkey has some of the bluest water beaches and Kaputas is one of them. Kaputas beach is also famous among Turkish locals.

However, it is really important for tourists to take care of their little children because the sea could be wavy sometimes. The temperature is tropical however, the water is not hot. Sunbeds and Umbrellas are there for rent for just 10TL to enjoy the beach to its fullest. We advise tourists to be on the beach as early as they can because then it gets crowded and it would be difficult to find empty beds.

We are pretty sure that you guys will never regret visiting this beautiful town. Kas is similar to any Italian or Greece Island and it has similar vibes because of the Mediterranean coast.

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