Interlaken The Garden of Eden

To me Interlaken the Garden of Eden is the world’s most beautiful and mesmerizing destination. It was my childhood dream to visit Interlaken. However, I visited this beautiful town in the summer of 2019. I am lucky that I fulfilled my dream before destructive covid-19. It was a day tour and I have never enjoyed in my life. In this write-up, I will focus on a day spent in Interlaken and things we can do.

Town Interlaken The Garden of Eden

Well, the town name is self-explanatory. This heaven on earth is town ki is just amazing. Beautiful flowers, lush green gardens, snow-capped mountains, and the perfect landscape is all, you witness. Beautifully designed churches, fairytale hotels, and perfect dining options are also some features of Interlaken. I covered most of the places in a day as it was a day tour.

I left Zurich in the morning and reached in approximately 2 hours. There are several options to reach Interlaken and it is most easy as the transportation system in Switzerland is amazing. Most tourists use trains. In Interlaken, we would not recommend you to buy water instead there are public water fountains. This water comes from the glacier. Interlaken is the center place to visit villages, lakes, and other mountains. It’s convenient for tourists to stay in Interlaken because it has beautiful hotels, various dining options, shops and of course better transportation. There are easy options to get to the mountainsides of this area. The town is in the heart of the Swiss Alps.

Interlaken Glaciers

There are Europe’s longest glaciers and four most significant mountains. Shilthorn, Eiger, Monk, and Jungfrau. There are around 100 hotels, hostels, and guest houses according to the budget of tourists. Most of the tourists seen shopping souvenirs and swiss chocolates from the street. Most tourists make this place base and then travel to nearby towns. Eating, sleeping, shopping, and enjoying peaceful views is what a tourist can do while staying here. There is an option to rent a bicycle to roam around the city.

However, the area is relatively flat and tourists can go by walk to the streets and shopping. There are all kinds of hiking gear available in the shopping area. Boots, bag packs, clothing, and walking sticks. Walking around on sidewalks is available and it’s tourist-friendly.

Zurich to Interlaken The Garden of Eden

I used the easiest and recommended route to reach Interlaken from Zurich. First I reached Zürich HB main station. Take metro red line IC1 to Ber. After Bern, there is an interchange that is just 1 min walk. After that again take train IC to Interlaken-West. 

Paragliding Interlaken Garden of Eden

Interlaken without paragliding is incomplete. To do a complete mountain excursion one must avail of this activity. The tour operators will drive up the hill then there will be a little hike. On the slope, you jump off and enjoy the mountain rides with a perfect view of the lake and Interlaken town.

Harder Kulm

Harder Kulm has an observation deck. The highest point in Interlaken is Harder Kulm. It is famous because the view from this point is breathtaking. There is no comparison of this view from anywhere in the world. The place has a view of both the lakes. The ride to Harder Kulm from Interlaken is an adventure itself. It’s a modern funicular ride of 10 minutes steep.

To track this place by walk it would take 2 hours to reach on top for mesmerizing views. A funicular ride is the most beautiful experience. These funiculars are mostly installed in European Countries with steep mountains. It catches tourists’ attention after 1890 when some painter used their skill to make a fabulous piece of art. We also came to know that in early 1900 the railway system started in Interlaken the Eden.


Nestled in the middle of Interlaken Höhematte is an open ground park with a lush green garden with views of snowcapped mountains. It is decorated naturally with colorful flowers. There are benches placed under trees to sit and relax. However, the winter in Höhematte is completely different covered with snow and set up space for ice ski. This meadow is set in a semi-natural state in the setting of flowers, trees, and grass.

Kursaal Brunnen Interlaken Garden of Eden

The place has a famous Casino, this place is a meadow that has wonderful flower settings along with benches to sit and relax. However, the backdrop of the mountain is again another unseen place. These views are difficult to get at another place except for European Towns.

Casino Kursaal Interlaken Garden of Eden

Interlaken Garden of EdenThis Casino in Interlaken is the most happening and prominent night venue. As one could not enjoy natural sightseeing at nighttime so it is a wonderful place to spend the night. One of the most beautiful Casinos in the world is situated in Interlaken Casino Kursaal. The state of art building design is surrounded by a beautiful park. It used to be a cultural center for 100 years. There are Slot machines for fun and more excitement generates with American Roulettes, Black-Jack, and Texas Holdem Poker. The ticket to enter the casino is just 5 CHF. You must be 18 years or older to enter and the timings are Sunday to Thursday from 12.00 pm to 2.00 am and Friday & Saturday from 12.00 pm to 3.00 am.

Statue Of Yash Chopra

The Ambassador of Interlaken is Yash Chopra. After the famous Bollywood movie DDLJ, there was a huge turn over of tourists from India and all other countries to this place. As a token of thanks, the Government of Switzerland honored filmmaker Yash Chopra an ambassador of this beautiful town, and made his statue in Kursaal Brunnen. Most of the tourists seen taking pictures with this statue.

SchlosskircheIn Interlaken Garden of Eden

In the 18th century, an 1133 monastery was changed to a wonderful castle church. This church has tinted glasswork that is attracted to tourists. Choir and music make this place more memorable and you can still recall the church bells when in your home country.

The famous painter Paul Zehnder is an essential person to make church known and noted for painting church glass in the 20th century. The painter beautifully designed nine colored windows for the Schlosskirche castle church. There were internal peace and quietness we enjoyed sitting there for some time as there was no one inside.

Höheweg Road Interlaken Garden of Eden

Höheweg in Interlaken is the central road one side has Casino Kursaal, and on other side of the road has Höhematte. It’s the most wonderful road connecting all other areas of the town. There are multiple shops on this road.

Tourist Museum

The museum is an interesting exhibition hall. It is situated in the old town of Interlaken. There is less number of tourists. There are many swiss heritage houses with a history of Interlaken. The museum has complete details on the start of the travel industry in the mountains.

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