How to get Schengen Visa from Pakistan Easily

Green passport is a nightmare for travelers and tourists. Dream shattered and plans canceled due to visa rejection. Another reason tourists do not apply visa is fear of rejection. However, I myself with minimum documents applied for a Schengen visa and got approval in a week. In this article, I will elaborate on how to get Schengen Visa from Pakistan Easily.

Background to how I get Schengen Visa From Pakistan Easily

First of all, I would like to introduce myself. I am 34 years old and a travel freak. Started international travel in 2010 and never had a strong financial status. I always wanted to go to Europe but had always thought it would not be possible on a green passport.

Travel History

I always had in mind that blank passport pages do not even worth applying anywhere. I started my religious journey in 2010 to Saudia that requires no documents except a passport. In 2011, I visited Dubai again no documents. In 2012, I ready myself for some documents like a bank statement, job letter, account maintained certificate, and passport. This turns out to be successful then Malaysia, Singapore, Turkey, Azerbaijan, and so on so forth.

Documents necessary for Schengen visa from Pakistan Easily

There are two kinds of documents required for Schengen Visa one arranged by travel agent and other we arrange. So, in this article we will elaborate documents we need to arrange. However, documents that travel agent can arrange are listen below.

1. Air Tickets Confirmed PNR generated

2. Hotel bookings Confirmed and Paid

3. Polio Vaccination Certificate

4. Travel Insurance

5. Tours and local transfer tickets

6. Well planned itinerary according to days

7. Cover letter.

Now there is an important aspect here regarding covering letter. However, travel agents take responsibility of constructing covering letter on behalf of you. We suggest you to make a customized well written covering letter for purpose of visit. Later on in our article we will suggest how to write a covering letter. In my case I construct a well written covering letter.

Documents arranged by Traveler to Get Schengen Visa from Pakistan Easily

All Previous Passports

You need to submit all passport current and previous. This is the most significant document required by the consulate. It shows how much have you traveled and how frequent you traveled. Tourist that intend to visit Europe prior to visiting any country may face rejection.

Another thing that these passports reflect how frequently you travel. Just in case you traveled many places 5 years ago but you don’t have any travel history in the past 2 to 3 years may again face rejection. Well in my face I frequently visited 2 countries per year for 5 years. That made my case strong. Passport sometimes shows if the traveler had faced any rejection previously from any other country or had overstayed any country as per visa and date of departure and arrival. This document shows who we are and what we do.

Covering Letter for Schengen Visa from Pakistan Easily

Covering letter is the most important document while applying for any country’s visa. The covering letter is the first impression that the visa officer notice. This document had all the details of why a person wants the visa what is the intention of traveling and why would the traveler comes back to his home country.

The covering letter should be detailed. It should have a clear intention of travel for supposing vacation, honeymoon, or business travel. Date of travel, assets in the home country job, and other information.

The perfect itinerary with dates, hotel names, and places you will visit. Also, include what made you crazy about visiting their country. As Schengen visa allows visiting 26 countries you are required to apply from a country where you will stay most and arrive initially. 

Bank Documents

Bank documents consist of Bank Statement and Account Maintenance Certificate. The visa consulate requires 6 months Bank Statement. This financial statement tells how much you worth and what is financial status. If someone intended to travel he/she should maintain a bank balance in the account.

There must be sufficient financial transactions. If salaried every month is should be credited into the account. If a business then debits credit of account should be made according to the nature of business. In the end, when submitting a statement to the consulate there must be a sufficient amount to show that you can cover a complete tour including ticket, hotels, food, tour, and other means of transportation.

Account Maintenance Certificate is just a document issued by your bank to mention that you are an account holder for a certain period of time. However, the minimum requirement is your account should be 6 months old. The older the account the greater impression on the visa officer.


A family registration certificate is also required to apply for a Schengen visa. This document shows your family tree. You also have to submit a national ID card.

Tax certificate and Tax Return

This is again an important document, this shows how much tax you pay to your country and what are complete assets. There should be a minimum of 2 years’ return filed in case of submitting tax returns. However, this is an important document and required by the Schengen visa countries but in some cases, the case could also be successful without it. In my case, I was not an income tax filer.

However, my travel history and other bank documents were perfect and according to the requirement. But I got the visa on my brother’s tax return as we show that I am working with him and its kind of a family business. So, tax returns of parents and siblings could also be submitted to approve the case and sometimes it could also be approved without tax returns. The most important thing is the stake in your country and why would you return.

School Identity card of Children

In case of applying with family. If children are going to school it is required to submit their school identity card that will ensure the children are enrolled and students and will come back for sure. If you are in university submit your university enrollment that you will not waste your year and come back after the semester break.

House and Vehicle Document

Although, house and vehicle documents are not needed neither it look good because your every asset is shown in returns. In case you are not a tax filer and want to make your case strong one can submit their house and vehicle documents to ensure the stake in the home country and reason to come back.


Last but not least your picture should be 35×45 and should not be six months older. We advise our clients and readers to submit as latest picture as they can. It gives a good impression of the visa officer. Especially German consulates meet in person so it should be the latest.

Which country is easy to apply Schengen visa from Pakistan Easily

Every Schengen state has more or less same requirement for visa. However, most success rate comes from three embassies and consulates.

1. German Embassy/Consulate

2. Italy Embassy/Consulate

3. Netherland Embassy Islamabad

We advise our travelers to make an itinerary according to their interests. But all they should keep in mind their arrival country should be the same as the issued visas and most of the time should be spent in that country. Feel free to Contact The Travel Swing for free visa consultancy. For the Official Schengen, Visa Website Click Here.

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